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Press releases

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Pay.UK consults on 'Next generation standard for UK retail payments'
5 February 2020
Pay.UK has published an industry consultation regarding its recommended approach for the use of the global standard ISO 20022
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Next generation standard for UK retail payments
4 February 2020
Consultation to gain feedback on the adoption of ISO 20022 for the clearing and settlement capability of the News Payment Architecture
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Current Account Switch Service completes over a million switches in 2019
23 January 2020
The Current Account Switch Service publishes the Q4 2019 Dashboard reporting the latest switching figures and trends
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Mental health cost of late payments
20 January 2020
Late payments are hitting the mental health of small business owners, according to research published by Pay.UK
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Current Account Switch Service publishes new report on financial vulnerability among the young
19 December 2019
New research from the Current Account Switch Service reveals that nearly half of 18-36 year olds have little to no savings
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Don't leave Christmas payments until the last minute
9 December 2019
Businesses are being urged to plan ahead if they have essential payments to make over the Christmas and New Year holiday periods
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Automated payments hit new high
4 December 2019
A new record of payments processed in just one day through Pay.UK’s Direct Debit and Bacs Direct Credit systems
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