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Confirmation of Payee update

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In a continued effort to reduce APP scams and misdirected payments, the PSR has directed circa 400 firms to introduce Confirmation of Payee (CoP), to offer consumers and businesses increased levels of protection and confidence when making payments.

The PSR has identified two groups of firms who need to implement CoP by 31 October 2024:

  • Group 1: Focuses on firms that will need to implement CoP as a live service by 31 October 2023. Click here for details of these organisations. 
  • Group 2: All other firms that use unique sort codes, or are building societies using alternative reference information, will need to implement CoP as a live service by 31 October 2024. Click here for details of these organisations. 

This direction refers to Pay.UK’s role to enable CoP implementation. We have already started looking at creating alternate models to work along with the existing direct model as well as streamlining the onboarding journey. The new models will assist more organisations in adopting CoP as well as covering additional payment types, thereby helping the industry to increase CoP coverage. Work is underway to make more options available to join CoP in 2023.

For more information about Confirmation of Payee, please visit our website (link). Organisations that are interested in joining Confirmation of Payee, or have questions regarding the new models, please email