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Second standards technical collateral release for the Next Generation Standard for UK retail payments

We have now produced our second ‘collection’ of standards collateral, leading on from the first that we made available in July. We also expect to publish a third collection early in 2022, before baselining the collateral and making it subject to change control shortly after.

The New Payments Architecture (NPA) will unlock significant benefits for many businesses and personal customers within the UK, helping transform the way they control their professional and personal transactions, and creating a wealth of innovation opportunities. The new standard paves the way for richer and more meaningful exchanges of information within UK payments.

Since Collection 1 was published, we have been gradually updating the collateral as the NPA design evolved. This latest release includes uplifted content to that in the first collection and now additional ISO 20022 message sets.

The collateral remains in draft form and not for implementation at this stage. However, it should enable our customers and organisations, where appropriate, to undertake any necessary business impact assessments to work with the new standard and the ISO 20022 message sets used by the NPA.

The standard allows for significantly enhanced data exchange; richer information through an increased quality and quantity of data will lead to improved benefits and substantial opportunities for innovation in the payments’ ecosystem and beyond – from banks and financial institutions to businesses and personal customers.

For relevant organisations, the materials are available for download through our Pay.UK standards portal, Standards Source. for those with existing access. Or, for relevant organisation requiring new access, please contact