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Pay.UK consults on 'Next generation standard for UK retail payments'

27 March 2020 UPDATE: Revised date for responses to ‘Next generation standard for UK retail payments’ consultation is now Tuesday 28 April 2020

Pay.UK is closely monitoring the Covid-19 (Coronavirus) outbreak and has taken the necessary steps to protect our colleagues and maintain services to our Participants and end users. The robustness and resilience of the critical national infrastructure that we provide is our top priority.

We recognise that during this time, engaging with us might not be your main priority but we want to reassure you that your views are valuable to us. Therefore, we will now be accepting responses to this consultation for a further four weeks after the previously published deadline.


Pay.UK has published an industry consultation regarding its recommended approach for the use of the global standard ISO 20022 within the clearing and settlement capability of the New Payments Architecture (NPA). Standards and rules enable organisations to exchange electronic payments data in a common format.

The NPA – a new clearing and settlement infrastructure for all UK retail payments – is being developed by Pay.UK and will change the way that payments are processed. It provides a once-in-a-generation opportunity to design the standards and rules used to exchange payments data. The consultation seeks to gain feedback from the wider payments industry on defining the ISO 20022 standard, and the business rules that apply to this standard.

The consultation is available for download.

"This is a unique opportunity to make the UK’s payment systems work more efficiently for everyone that uses them and we welcome views that will help us shape and define the adoption of standards and rules into the New Payments Architecture."
Commented Kate Frankish, Director of Standards and Strategy at Pay.UK

Payment service providers, payment end user organisations, trade bodies and anyone with a vested interest in payments are being asked to provide feedback on this consultation by 31 March 2020. Findings and conclusions will be published by Pay.UK during the second half of 2020.