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Advanced notice – second standards technical collateral release to be published

In July, we last provided industry with “draft” standards technical collateral to be used in the New Payments Architecture. We committed to liaise closely with our forums and stakeholders to prepare new and additional content.

We can now inform you that we plan to release updated and new “draft” Implementation Guidelines and Schemas (in machine readable form, XSD) at the start of December. These will additionally support payment returns, payment status', payment authorisations, multiday payments & recalls and payments initiated by Direct Non-Clearing Participants.

These publications will allow industry to review and feedback to us questions or comments relating to usability, content and the types of collateral available.

As part of the ongoing due diligence process we will be seeking feedback from our Community of Developers group and the Industry Standards Coordination Committee on the collateral that we produce. We also continue to work closely with the Bank of England to ensure alignment between the retail and high-value payment systems where possible.

If you have any questions please contact us at