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Press releases

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Pay.UK’s Current Account Switch Service designated as an alternative switching scheme
16 September 2021
Pay.UK is pleased to confirm the Payment Systems Regulator (PSR) is satisfied that the Current Account Switch Service
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Pay.UK launches search to recruit new members to the Pay.UK Board
10 September 2021
Pay.UK launches search to recruit new members to join the Pay.UK Board of Directors and Independent Non-Executive Directors to the Board.
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Pay.UK welcomes clear scope to deliver next generation payments platform
29 July 2021
Pay.UK welcomes the PSR's publication setting out its decisions for reducing risks to the successful renewal of the UK’s interbank payments infrastructure
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Current account switching levels rise in Q2 as consumers explore options
29 July 2021
The Q2 2021 Current Account Switch Service Dashboard shows that 182,745 switches took place between April and June 2021, 44,769 more than the previous quarter
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Pay.UK confirms David Pitt as new CEO
22 July 2021
Pay.UK has named David Pitt as our new Chief Executive Officer
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Pay.UK reaches exciting milestone in its Next Generation Standard for UK retail payments
5 July 2021
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Joint statement with the Bank of England on ISO 20022
24 June 2021
The joint public statement between Pay.UK and the Bank of England has been published and highlights the areas of development both organisations have made
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CONTROL CHIC: Tackling small tasks helps people to regain control during the pandemic
27 May 2021
New research shows people are finding a regained sense of satisfaction when completing minor tasks but are still delaying important decisions for too long
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Pay.UK Board update
4 May 2021
Marc Pettican will join the Pay.UK Board as a Non-Executive Director, representing large participants
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Reliability of Current Account Switch Service remains high as switching levels match Q3 2020 totals
29 April 2021
Over 7.2 million switches have been completed since launch, and awareness and satisfaction of the service remained above targets
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