Pay.UK explores the future of payments at Consult Hyperion ‘Unconference’

Our Head of Research and Insight, Daniel Jonas, recently attended the Consult Hyperion ‘Unconference’ event to explore the next frontier of payment technologies.

At the event in London, Daniel joined a panel of fellow distinguished experts to offer comprehensive insight in a segment titled ‘Framing the future of payments’. Discussing factors that are set to influence the future landscape, he spoke at length on an array of topics from fraud and the power of trusted data to the evolution of end users.

Further discussion centred around the move to tokenisation. Owed to the number of areas affected for both industry and end users, including digital currencies, cross-border, Open Banking, fraud, digital-ID, and wallets, Daniel highlighted the increased ecosystem complexity that accompanies this shift. In particular, this includes fragmentation driven by embedded payments and open finance which requires digital diligence to keep compliance fit for purpose.

Daniel said: “We’re seeing a fundamental shift in payment and financial systems infrastructure as regulators, institutions, and end users are all recognising the impact of global technology platforms on the ecosystem. The value of the interbank payment network will remain key to realising the benefit of this transformation. As the Research and Insight team of the UK’s retail payment system operator, we must continue to ensure that we have a deep understanding of these changes and how they interrelate.”